If YOU in NY...

The Carmine Vault

The very first comic book of acclaimed French artist FAFI. 
"Until now, Fafi (www.fafi.net)  has been famous for her sexy, colorful, female characters : the Fafinettes. For her very first comic, she has developed a story based on another of her key characters : Birtak.
One day, Birtak decides to become a ballerina dancer after a trip to Earth.This new extravaganza is not to please his fellow companions more used to hustle everyday in the Carmine Vault. This graphic novel tells how Birtak is going to attempt to live his dream and how dangerous it can be to become yourself. The hero takes you by the hand deep inside into the Fafinettes world -not so cute actually-You’ll meet such mean gals and no-limit behaviors, a hostile and gorgeous wilderness you’ll never want to go there." 
Will Birtak find his way through the obstacles to finally dance on stage wearing a cheesy and slim leotard? Join Fafi, hosts Folake Forever and friends Married To The Mob at The Hole Shop to find out:
RSVP Required. 21 and over please.