If YOU in NY:FRIDAY at The Bishop 'Subway Series'

Subway Series - Al Diaz and Juan Carlos Pinto will produce works using discarded MTA materials. The materials like metrocards and wet paint signage, were revamped to create messages and images of iconic New York City landmarks and celebrities, showing the essence of the city. The exhibit will open on September 18th, the same day the NY Yankees and the Mets will begin their three-game series at Citi Field. For their own “Subway Series”, the creatives will merge their work to bring a new message to the people. It’s sustainable art at its best.

“Al Diaz and Jean Michel Basquiat that was my awakening as a street artist. I’m honored to be featured with Al Diaz, because he’s a truth teller; he’s a poet of the streets.” - Juan Carlos Pinto

“The NYC subway has been an integral part of my life since my days as a young graffiti artist. It’s a system of veins running through the heart and body of the city; ideal for spreading messages. This most recent work is the result of six years of experimenting with these signs and by far my most ambitious work to date. Coupled with Carlos Pinto's brilliant work with Metro-Cards, I feel it is a strongly based and cohesive two-man exhibition.” - Al Diaz